The main species encountered in the Frontier Zone. From Bulldogs! p. 19:

The galaxy is large and contains a huge variety of alien species. There are ten core species listed below, but these aren’t the only ones available as characters and you’re encouraged to create your own.

Note that the rules for special abilities are different from those given in the Bulldogs! rule book, as they reflect the Fate Core hack. For a discussion of why, see the thread in the Forum section, and particularly this post.

The Aspects listed in the package are common for that particular race. Pick two of them; they are considered Extras. Unless specified as “optional”, all species stunts are required. This may leave you with your Refresh reduced — remember that your first three stunts are free.



The human-like Arsubarans’ home planet is in the Frontier Zone but, as adventurers and ubiquitous starfarers, they’re found everywhere, even deep within the star empires. Arsubarans are adaptable and tough, and they almost seem to like being neck-deep in trouble.

Names — Arsubaran names are a wide and varied lot, differing greatly depending on clan or planet of origin. They follow a tradition of having a family name passed along the male line to allow genealogical record keeping. Some common Arsubaran names:

  • Male Names: Aaron, Balthazar, Cantor, Cory, Dag, Devin, Doog, Jonathan, Julius, Karl, Lorin, Ludo, Marco, Mutt, Patrick, Roldin, Sebastian, Skip, William, Zacharias.
  • Female Names: Amanda, Anna, Belle, Cassandra, Devy, Gabrielle, Heloise, Julia, Kristina, Luca, Marca, Morena, Olga, Sola, Solendra, Tana, Violet, Wanda, Wemy, Wilhelmina.
  • Family Names: Arsubrian, Bishop, Conner, Elcandur, Farr, Fogel, Golman, Grimm, Hammelin, Kaahn, Kaine, Marcellian, Marx, Pax, Sax, Solar, Solens, Trevalian, Vesper, Wall.

Aspects: Natural Adaptability, We're everywhere, Center of the Universe, "I'll do That!", the Stars Call, Go Along to Get Along


  • There's a Familiar Face — when making a Contacts roll you may make a free declaration that the contact is an Asubaran. In addition,you get +1 to Empathy and Rapport rolls when dealing with fellow Asubarans.



Massive, thick-skinned, and blue, the tripod-legged Dolomé are both physically powerful and mentally acute. A Dolom makes true and loyal friend if you’re on her good side, and a terrifying three-armed tsunami of rage if you piss her off.

Names — Dolomé use both personal and family names. Examples:

  • Male Names: Aldové, Alvé, Baltus, Barus, Domus, Dorus, Fatus, Galtus, Gomus, Gravus, Hadrové, Hamus, Samus, Secové, Sové, Talus, Tetruvé, Tromus, Truvé, Vové.
  • Female Names: Adriar, Aliar, Amé, Falé, Famé, Fariar, Galtiar, Halvomé, Hamé, Hamiar, Lalé, Laliar, Maliar, Samiar, Somé, Suldomé, Suliar, Tralé, Tramé, Tromiar.
  • Family Names: Abrioç, Brioç, Crioç, Curoç, Doroç, Drioç, Duroç, Grioç, Hiloç, Maloç, Moroç, Mrioç, Paloç, Prioç, Salioç, Saloç, Suroç, Trioç, Uloç, Ylioç.

AspectsBig and Blue, Three Powerful Arms, Technically Inclined, Won't Go Down Easy, Slow to Anger, Fast Friend


  • Thick Skinned — Dolome gain +2 to defend against hand-to-hand attacks from natural and low-tech weapons
  • Third Arm — Dolome gain +1 to Overcome in any situation where the third arm may be of use.
  • Great Strength (Optional) — Dolome gain +1 to Overcome with Physique
  • Hand-Eye coordination (Optional) — Dolome gain +1 to Overcome with Engineering



If there’s a nose to be punched or an elbow to be thrown, the burly, green, and tattooed Hacragorkans will fight their way to the front. Always ready for a scrap, even when negotiation is called for, the Hacragorkans find a fierce joy in their hand-to-hand fighting abilities.

Names — Hacragorkans have both personal and family names traced through the female line. Their names are short, grunting sounds. Here are some examples.

  • Male Names: Barg, Berg, Bor, Bug, Burg, Dor, Drub, Durb, Durg, Gar, Gerb, Gor, Grub, Gub, Thar, Thrub, Thub, Thurg, Tor, Torg.
  • Female Names: Arbra, Arga, Barba, Bruba, Brunda, Burga, Darga, Dorba, Druga, Durba, Golba, Gorba, Grorba, Gurga, Horga, Thorda, Thubra, Truga, Turga, Urga.
  • Family Names: Abragag, Agab, Azog, Bagagob, Bargab, Borgab, Drabag, Gabog, Gagab, Gagog, Gog, Gogagog, Golbarg, Gozagag, Grabag, Guldag, Gurbag, Magog, Zagog.

AspectsCan take a hit, Big Meaty Fists, Battle Scarred, Forged by Struggle, Mix It Up, "You talkin' to me?"


  • Quick Healers — Hacragorkans heal physical consequences as though they were one degree lower (except Extreme Consequences). In addition, once per session a Hacragorcan can clear one mild physical consequence by spending an action.
  • Dangerous Bearing — Hacragorkans gain +2 to Provoke when using a credible threat of extreme violence

Ken Reeg


Slick, smooth, and green, the Ken Reeg bring an oily smile and handshake to any meeting. They make voracious traders, slippery salesmen, pitiless lawyers, and ruthless crime bosses. If you’ve made a deal with a Ken Reeg, prepare to be screwed.

Names — Ken Reeg names—at least any you’ve ever heard—sound Arsubaran, but with a personal flair. Their names sound like nicknames, because that’s what they are—nicknames for the face of the Ken Reeg.

  • Male Names: Benny, Billy, Dizzy, Dougie, Droobie, Fennie, Henny, Iggy, Izzy, Jimmy, Lolly, Mickey, Morrie, Morty, Paulie, Sammy, Sonny, Telly, Tony, Willy.
  • Female Names: Babe, Bonnie, Candy, Della, Donna, Doxie, Holla, Honey, Lana, Lonnie, Mixie, Moxie, Nixie, Noxie, Sloopie, Solla, Sugar, Trixie, Tutti, Twinks.
  • Family Names: Action, Flash, Glitter, Happy, Magic, Quickly, Rainbows, Razzle, Sharps, Shine, Slick, Slightly, Snappy, Snaps, Stardust, Sweets, Trick, Twinkle, Twist, Wonder.

AspectsCommerce Never Sleeps, Slippery As A Snake, Trust No One, There's Always a Loophole, Voracious Greed, "Let's Make a Deal!"




Where would the galaxy be without the countless anonymous robots performing vast numbers of repetitive and dangerous jobs? Multi-armed maintenance bots, virtually perfect service androids, and tiny spiderlike cleaning drones swarm on every inhabited world and space station.

Names — Robots are named by their manufacturers—usually a model number and a unique identifier. Robots that work in close proximity with biological beings are often given a nickname, as well.

  • Names: Acme TB-M Class FF5094, Aldo-Maxo 2000 Series X1, Blackhawk Warbot 12-004, BotTech 3000 J1-9941, Mechtech DGL 1106, Mnemo Devices MMO-001L, Quality Robots Mobile Toolkit 1101Y, Snappy Robots Posh Series C1L, Tomol Industrial Machines Mechbot TIM-M-0062, Unicorp Heavy Machines XL-2014.
  • Nicknames: Bluey, Boltbucket, Buzz, Clunky, Electro, Gearhead, Glitch, Happy, Knuckles, Lady, Maitre D, Ol’ Grim, Princess, Rover, Rusty, Shorty, Sonny, Stilts, Wrench, Zippy.

Aspects: Never Eat, Never Sleep, Never Stop; Fully Equipped; Just a Machine; Form Follows Function; Slave to Programming; Newly Awakened


  • Reprogrammable — once per session a character with the Engineering skill can make a roll against an obstacle at +3. On a success the engineer can swap the rating of any two skills. On a success with style the engineer can completely rearrange the robot’s skill tree. If the robot has Engineering it can perform this stunt on itself, but must spend a Fate Point. The process takes several hours.
  • Machine Resistance — robots are far very resistant to heat, cold, radiation, and vacuum, and gain +2 to defense rolls against these. They are also immune to most biological diseases.
  • Sealed Systems (optional) — the robot’s systems are sealed against a certain environment (heat, cold, vacuum, corrosion, etc), and it can operate in that environment without suffering any problem or having to roll. This stunt may be taken multiple times to represent multiple environmental hardening.
  • No down time (optional) — the robot is sufficiently efficient that it does not need to spend time recharging (eating) or reformatting (sleeping). The robot can go without significant maintenance for a month, and all operations that take more than a day have their time reduced because the robot does not need to sleep.



Fierce mercenaries from an icy planet, the cat-like Ryjyllians adhere to their clannish code of honor and export their great fighting skills throughout the galaxy. They do not flee combat, and their discipline and professionalism make them the go-to hired army.

Names — Ryjyllians have round, yowling names, reflected by their native tongue. All Ryjyllians identify their ancestors back several generations when making a formal introduction. Such a recitation generally sounds like a catfight to outsiders.

  • Male Names: Awrlol, Awrrl, Awyawl, Brawrlal, Brrawl, Grawl, Grawyawarl, Grrawal, Hsbrawrl, Hsyrrl, Mawl, Mrryawl, Mrryrl, Prawl, Prbrawl, Prrmrrl, Waryall, Wawarrl, Yall, Yawawl.
  • Female Names: Bawrgrr, Brrwr, Gbrowr, Gbrywr, Grrawr, Hsbrrwr, Mawr, Mrrawr, Prrbrawr, Prrbrwr, Prrowr, Rorlawr, Rrowr, Srrbrrawr, Wrrawr, Yawbrowr, Yibrowr, Yowr, Yowrmrr, Yrrbrr.
  • Family Names: Ryjyllians don’t have family names per se, instead listing their ancestors. The term “awp” indicates descent, and the more prestigious parent (male or female) is typically listed. A formal Ryjyllian name looks like this: Yall awp Yibrowr awp Awrlol awp Gbrywr.
  • Clan Names: The clan name isn’t part of the personal name; most Ryjyllians can recognize what clan another Ryjyllian comes from on sight. A Ryjyllian will offer her clan if asked, but she’ll usually assume that it’s obvious. The five largest clans are Hawp, Hwrrr, Mrrr, Myip, and Yowrrr.

AspectsCat-Like Reflexes, Short Temper, Warrior of a Warrior People, Loyal to My Clan, The Ryjillian Code of Honor, Last to Retreat


  • Acute Hearing — when making Notice checks, gain +2 if hearing matters
  • Low Light Vision — when making Notice checks, gain +2 to offset darkness penalties
  • Ryjyllian Combat Focus (optional) — Some Ryjyllians train in special combat techniques that allow them to enter into a sort of battle trance that inures them to pain. It also makes them more deadly combatants. Once per session, the Ryjyllian can spenda fate point to enter a battle trance. While in this state,the Ryjyllian automatically generates one extra shift on any attack roll intended to deal stress. In addition, the Ryjyllian gains two additional physical stress boxes, which can be filled as normal. However, if either or both extra stress boxes are filled, when this state ends the Ryjyllian takes an immediate mild consequence. If mild is already filled, this consequence rolls up normally. The Ryjyllian can exit this state at any time; otherwise it lasts until the end of the scene.



The cold-blooded, snake-like Saldrallans are the founding species of the Union of the Saldralla, and they still strongly influence the imperial culture and government. Their ruthless pragmatism guides the Empire as well as their interpersonal relations.

Names — Saldrallans have personal names and clan names. Each of the Saldrallan clans has its own reputation and status that’s well known to other Saldrallans. When a Saldrallan introduces himself formally, he always names his clan, then himself. A Saldrallan introduction sounds like this: “I was hatched for the Shass clan, I am called Hessien.” Saldrallan names don’t distinguish gender. They can tell by smell what gender another Saldrallan currently belongs to; since this is changeable, they don’t find the distinction important.

  • Personal Names: Hasses, Heshesh, Hesshes, Hessien, Hessnss, Hessshlss, Hessshssk, Hssk, Sassask, Sasses, Sassless, Shesshesh, Shesslss, Shissien, Shshk, Shsss, Sissik, Sissnak, Sssiss, Sssk.
  • Clan Names: Aash, Hash, Hess, Hiss, Husss, Huush, Sess, Shass, Shul, Shuss, Ssesh, Sssek.

AspectsExothermic, Lidless Gaze, Ruthless, Efficiency, expansion, power; Tolerant, Flexible Morality


  • Heat Sense — Saldrallans gain +2 to offset Notice penalties that do not specifically block heat sense.
  • Poison Bite — once per session during a fight the Saldrallan may place an immediate consequence on an opponent if successful in a Fight check without using a weapon.



Haughty and purple-skinned, the Templari rule the Devalkamanchan Republic, guided by a belief in their own genetic superiority that extends throughout their culture. They would have found themselves destroyed long ago if not for their great skills in military organization and logistics.

Names — Templari names have many clipped syllables and glottal stops. They have family names that they trace through the male line. Some common Templari names:

  • Male Names: Akryl, Avaar, Bal’n, Darv’n, Devaar, D’kryl, Draf’n, Gar’n, Gavanch, Jal’n, Jocaar, Kamanch, Lar’n, Locaar, Rabl’n, Racaar, Savaar, Tamaar, Tamanch, Trom’n.
  • Female Names: Anaa, An’k, Belaa, Bel’n, Beval, Danaa, Deval, Falaa, Fr’n, Jacaa, Jan’k, Javal, Jr’n, Kr’n, Salaa, Selaa, Sel’n, Seval, Talaa, Tr’n.
  • Family Names: Baan, Baf’t, Bel’d, Durv’t, Fal’n, Gaf’d, Gref’d, Hal’t, Harn, Kaf’t, Kal’n, Kran, Laf’t, Saan, Tran, T’rbrik, Tref’d, Vaan, Var’d, Varn.

AspectsSuperior Species, Imperfection is Unacceptable, "Submit or be crushed!", To the Purple Be True, Arrogant, Martial Discipline




The slug-like Tetsuashans are unlikely adventurers, but they seem at home in space. Their stoic and inscrutable nature makes the long boredom of interplanetary travel a trivial inconvenience, and they have an affinity for piloting and ship-building.

Names — Tetsuashans have mushy, round sounding names. They have no family name, nor do they trace bloodlines. Each Tetsuashan is considered a sole individual, although they’re aware that all Tetsuashans are genetically identical.

  • Names: Blorb, Blub, Blurb, Boog, Foosh, Furb, Glub, Glurp, Goo, Goosh, Gum, Gurb, Moosh, Mub, Oorb, Shoob, Sloosh, Splurb, Squishy, Urp.

AspectsShort of Stature, Strong of Will; Slug-like form, Space is Home, Omnipresent, Fearless, Inscrutable

Stunts — (Note that because Tetsuashan are required to have four stunts, their refresh will be reduced by 1. If they take an additional stunt on top of these, their refresh will be reduced by 2).

  • Slime Trail — gain +2 to all Athletics checks that involve climbing
  • Squish — gain +2 to all Athletics checks to fit through small openings
  • Resiliant — Tetsuashan heal stress and consequences (except extreme consequences) as though they were one level lower.
  • Regenerative Powers — once per session a Tetsuashan can clear one mild physical consequence as a supplemental action. In addition, even extreme consequences will heal in time — usually a couple of years.



Whether some genetic engineering project gone horribly awry, or just a cruel twist of nature, the Urseminites are cute and cuddly in appearance and vile and murderous in temperament. They’re pests and perennial sources of crime on any planet they call home, so the Urseminites are universally despised.

Names — Urseminites don’t take family names. As befits their general attitude, the individual is all that matters. Here are some sample names.

  • Male Names: Bres, Corl, Doom, Doonfa, Drevid, Falik, Grevid, Gun, Hebrid, Kalik, Korvid, Lar, Mar, Murd, Palik, Par, Sar, Savid, Trun, Van.
  • Female Names: Bada, Bandi, Bedla, Blada, Caldi, Dani, Drandi, Folli, Goll, Hansi, Horra, Mala, Meda, Moll, Piska, Slandi, Terra, Tora, Tori, Traski.

AspectsCute as a Button, Short and Round, Never Met a Vice I Didn’t Try, Vicious Little Bastard, Empathy is for Suckers

Stunts — (Note that Ursemenintes are required to take 3 stunts. If they take their optional stunt — or another stunt — their refresh will be reduced by 1)

  • Thick fur and fat — Ursemenites gain +2 to Defend against bare-handed and most natural animal attacks and primitive weapons (fists, claws, teeth, swords — yes. Lightsabers — no).
  • Hard to Kill — Ursemenites gain one additional physical stress box and one additional mild consequence box.
  • Big-ass claws (optional) most Ursemenites have relatively small claws, but you have giant, rending horrors. The Ursemenite gains +2 to Fight for purposes of determining damage only, when fighting without a weapon.
  • Universally despised — Ursemenites are always considered Unskilled when using Empathy or Rapport with a species other than their own. However, they gain +2 to all Provoke attempts when determining whether or not they succeed with style.

Descriptive text and art excerpted from Bulldogs!; art by Kurt Komoda and Jaime Posadas. No copyright challenge intended.

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