NRD-101 at your social service.

High Concept: Very Efficient Social Interaction Droid
Trouble: I am a danger magnet


Homeworld: NRD-101 was part of the ship's original equipment. His job was to facilitate social interactions between the members of the crew. Over the years, he's been kept with ship through it's various upgrades and additions. He knows the ship like the back of his manipulator.

Aspect: I came with the ship

Why I stayed with Ship: Out of loyalty to the ship's computer, NRD-101 has stayed with the ship, helping it deal with various crews and captains over the years.

Aspect: Loyal to ship, not the crew

Aspect: I have a camera built into my hand

Aspect: Never Eat, Never Sleep, Never Stop

Aspect: Fully Equipped


Great +4: Rapport
Good +3: Contacts, Provoke
Fair +2: Deceive, Resources, Will
Average +1: Lore, Stealth, Empathy, Notice


Cold Read: I get a +2 to my Rapport when do a cold read of someone to create an advantage against them.

Your Mother Was a Hamster: I get a +2 to my Provoke when I try to create an advantage by taunting a foe.

I know a guy: Because I came with the ship, once per session, I can locate any kind of resource at any star port.


Physical Stress

${\square \over 1} {\square \over 2}$

Mental Stress

${\square \over 1} {\square \over 2} {\square \over 3}$


$\square$ Mild
$\square$ Moderate
$\square$ Severe



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