High Concept: Methodical Tetsuashan Mechanic

Trouble: “You know, what would work much better is if there was an activation switch both there and here in case you were standing over here when you needed to turn it on….”
Aspect: Just one more project

Homeworld: Murb would describe it in this way: “It is warm. And soft. And dark. And moist. It is where it begins. It is a part of us. Not separate. We are it. It is us. It is comfort. It is stability. It is…home.” Imagine if hobbits were slugs, and you get the idea.
Aspect: Warm and humid, the way I like it.

Why Bulldogs?: It was all about the starship. The thought of adventure or wealth or fame never crossed Murb’s mind. It was, and always has been, about the ship. The Class D. Murb can still remember the first time stepping aboard – the lights, the knobs, the sounds, the smells. Murb was mesmerized like a child in shop full of candy and the latest toys. Murb knew that day that being a part of the ship, knowing its every detail, working with it on a daily basis, was the dream. Murb worked hard to become the best, because it was Murb’s passion. The day the position of mechanic opened for a Class D ship, Murb jumped at the chance. To be the head mechanic of this ship…glorious.
Aspect: Best Class D mechanic in the galaxy

Player's Choice: Methodical, deliberate in action


Great (+4): Engineering
Good (+3): Notice, Will
Fair (+2): Shoot, Stealth, Pilot
Average (+1): Lore, Athletics, Fight, Physique


Slime trail: Gain +2 to Athletics Checks that involve climbing

Squish: Gain +2 to Athletics checks that involve fitting through small openings

Resilient: Heal all consequences (except extreme consequences) as though they were one level lower.

Regenerative powers: Once per session can heal one minor consequence as a supplemental action. In addition, even extreme consequences heal in a few months to a few years.

Sharp Eyes: You’re always laying a keen eye on your environment. You gain a +2 on Alertness checks to notice important clues or situations that others have overlooked.

Jury-rigger: You can make the best of makeshift materials. When you lack the proper tools or materials, you can still affect repairs or build temporary machinery or systems. You gain +2on Engineering rolls to offset penalties caused by lack of proper parts or equipment, but your jury-rigged solution will only last through one task or scene.

Stay on target: You’re a deliberate shooter. When you Create an Advantage—such as In My Sights - on an opponent, you may invoke that aspect for free until a) you take an action other than shooting at that opponent(ie using the Attack action with your firearms skill), b) the end of the scene. Others may invoke that aspect as normal, including free invocations.


Physical Stress

${\square \over 1} {\square \over 2} {\square \over 3}$

Mental Stress

${\square \over 1} {\square \over 2} {\square \over 3} {\square \over 4}$


$\square$ Mild
$\square$ Moderate
$\square$ Severe


1 +1 for initial press-ganging compel = current: 2

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