Mission 0: Shanghaied!

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Mission 1: Atmospheric

Posted on the Cafeteria Wall:

[Written on a sheet of plastipaper and posted on the wall of the cafeteria about 170 hours after you come aboard]

In 16 hours we will dock with the Transgalaxy Delvesat orbiting the gas giant Naqwice. Our orders are as follows:

1) Establish contact with authorities on the surface to determine the whereabouts of one Ectathor Glanalandish,

2) Contact Ser Glanalandish to establish a location for pickup of freight (listed as "book") for pickup.

3) Collect said freight and bring it aboard.

As a supplement to this, perform necessary maintenance on the TG Delvesat and delvesuits.

Because of the nature of this pickup, you will be using delvesuits. Instructional videos are probably available on the Delvesat.

The following personnel are assigned, in rank order

BANDI - cargo control officer. Responsible for safety and transport of cargo
KHYM - security officer. Responsible for safety and transport of Bandi.
NRD-101 - because I say so.
MURB - responsible for maintenance of TG Delvesat and delvesuits.

Per Transgalaxy policy I hereby exhort you not to fail and inspire you with uplifting speech.

See Mr. Sorrow for additional details.


Whiteboard: Scenario 1: Atmospheric on Vyew

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