Bulldogs! and Fate

  • Galileo Games: Bulldogs! — Official site. Note that along with a Fate version, Bulldogs! also has a d20 version; the setting material is fine, but the system sections are useless for our campaign.
    • Downloads — Includes character sheets (standard and interactive), ship worksheet, scenarios, pre-generated characters, etc.
    • Bulldogs! Illustrations — Illustrator Kurt Kumoda's sample page
  • Evil Hat Production: Fate Core and Downloads
  • Fate Core SRD — Very handy site to consult the Fate Core rules online. Includes Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, and Fate System Toolkit.
  • Community Fate Core Extensions — Fan-created material for Fate Core
  • Bulldogs Google+ Community — A community for fans of the tabletop role-playing game Bulldogs!
  • Fate SF — The Nexus for Science Fiction Roleplaying Powered by FATE (a blog)

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