Khym (awp Kerr)


High concept — Ryjyllian Ronin Security Officer.
Trouble — A place of Ghosts.
Homeworld Ryjyll — Nothing Left to Fear.
Reason for joining Bulldogs — They’re dead, Dave — all dead.
Heritage —
Player's Choice — Sharp-Eyed Veteran.


Great (+4)

  • Will

Good (+3)

  • Fight
  • Psychic

Fair (+2)

  • Gunnery
  • Shoot
  • Athletics

Average (+1)

  • Stealth
  • Notice
  • Physique
  • Provoke


  • Acute Hearing — when making Notice checks, gain +2 if hearing matters
  • Low Light Vision — when making Notice checks, gain +2 to offset darkness penalties
  • Ryjyllian Combat Focus (optional) — Some Ryjyllians train in special combat techniques that allow them to enter into a sort of battle trance that inures them to pain. It also makes them more deadly combatants. Once per session, the Ryjyllian can spenda fate point to enter a battle trance. While in this state,the Ryjyllian automatically generates one extra shift on any attack roll intended to deal stress. In addition, the Ryjyllian gains two additional physical stress boxes, which can be filled as normal. However, if either or both extra stress boxes are filled, when this state ends the Ryjyllian takes an immediate mild consequence. If mild is already filled, this consequence rolls up normally. The Ryjyllian can exit this state at any time; otherwise it lasts until the end of the scene.


Physical Stress

${\square \over 1} {\square \over 2} {\square \over 3}$

Mental Stress

${\square \over 1} {\square \over 2} {\square \over 3} {\square \over 4}$


$\square$ Mild
$\square$ Moderate
$\square$ Severe



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