The Intripid

The Intripid was first commissioned as a corvette for the Libertarian Tea Party Front of an obscure border planet. After an undistinguished career, the vessel was sold as surplus when the planet's economy collapsed, bought by TransGalaxy, and modified for use as a freighter. Sadly, the name was kept unchanged despite the typo resulting from a clerical error — the LTPF was not known for its academic prowess.

Concept: Old ship, repurposed from something else
Problem: Temperamental Old Girl — Only a talented mechanic can coax her to work.
Problem: Cheap Repair Parts
Strength: Nooks and Crannies

Size: Great (+4)

Manoeuvrability: Good (+3) (including bonus)

Speed: Average (+1)


Spine-mounted laser laser (dubbed the "Spinal Tap") — Cost 4

  • Damage: 2 (Damage: 1 vs. shields)
  • Accuracy: 1
  • Range: 3

Mass Driver — Cost 4

  • Damage: 2 (Damage: 3 vs. shields)
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Range: 2


  • Agility: The ship is more maneuverable than its size and speed indicate; it gains+1 to Maneuverability
  • Heavy Hull Plating: Though that makes it somewhat bulkier, the ship is much more durable than others of its type, gaining an additional stress box.
  • Power Boost: The ship can make a quick burst of speed. If one of the crew spends a fate point, the ship gains +1 to speed for one action.
  • Upgrade: Unspecified as of yet, to be unveiled by Murb when it's good and ready.


Physical Stress

${\square \over 1} {\square \over 2} {\square \over 3} {\square \over 4}$


$\square$ Mild
$\square$ Moderate
$\square$ Severe

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