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Captain's log insert time, date, and coordinates

Have you ever noticed how slowly time moves sometimes? Sometimes things will pass in a flash. Other times an hour will feel like a week.

We have a new dispatch and routing rep. - an Arsubaran named insert name here because I can't pronounce it. The last thing I need right now is more interactions or breaking in some new dispatcher, so I sent the expendables to meet him. What the hell - maybe he'll hit it off with the bear and they can start some pathetically minor larcenous enterprise together. My luck, though, the guy will be some sort of paladin.

Discussed things with Sorrow - he was as infuriatingly deadpan as ever. Smug bastard. I'd like to wipe that total lack of emotion right off that stupid, purple face of his. Come to think of it, I'd like to wipe out the entire face. How did I get to the point where a broken-egg Templar was the only thing standing between me and ruin? Well, and the expendables - but they're ablative.

End and hold for later transmission.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 10 May 2014 06:07

Hessas made another play to grab me just after most of the crew got off for liberty at Job Tower. Put some sort of gas into the life support that knocked out Engineering Officer Murb. Lucky I had those auxiliary lungs installed after the bastard claimed ownership of the originals. Managed to get the hell out of the docking bay before they could board again after dumping Murb. Just like Hessas to get cocky when he thinks he's won.

Had to do the refit at Squishy's but I know Squishy, and he owes me a few favors. Spent the entire time locked on the bridge, hopped up on stims and holding a blaster in case Hessas found me. Transgalaxy should be pleased - sure the parts were low-end salvage, but I got the refit done in record time and I can get the hell out of here.

Few more hours and then we are out of here. Then I can sleep.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 03 May 2014 05:37

Captain's Log yadda yadda yadda

Well, I have to hand it to them - I'm not dead, and they delivered the damned cargo. I have to admit that I thought we were finished, but they pulled it off.

Which is not to say that I am going to trust them any further than I can throw them, unless I throw them with a rail gun first.

Trip back to Arsubar was insane. Things breaking every few minutes, drive on the edge of total meltdown. Engineering Officer Murb actually had to put the droid to work part time carrying hydrospanners. I thought for awhile there that I'd actually have to tell Sorrow to lend a hand.

Anyway, we're back. End Append itemized list of damages and upload.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 03 May 2014 05:30

[Written on the back of an envelope and submitted to Transgalaxy]

I'm sitting here. In my cabin. In the dark. Computer down, power down, life support down. Probably going to die.

Thank the Serpent Mother/Father!

We wound up at the black hole M-175. All sorts of trouble waiting - Hessas brought his flagship, and there were Templars, Barracado Pirates, Fallon Syndicate, and breeding ZIM shipping ships waiting for us. Expendables did pretty well at first, but then Cargo Officer Bandi (acting as pilot) and the droid went nuts and started yelling about more payment - from a black hole! Everything went to hell from there. They managed to get the various idiots off our tails - mostly - except for the Barracado pirates. And the breeding dwellers. Last sensor contact we had with them, Hassas' ship was getting the feces squeezed out of it by the Templars. But they wouldn't deliver the cargo. The breeding bear kept ranting about getting more pay. Apparently the Dwellers took exception to that. Got some very strange readings off that ship - not like Dwellers readings at all.

Then it pretty much slagged Intripid. One shot. Boom.

Sitting here now, waiting for air to run out. If someone finds this, please deliver the following message to my family, friends, and corporate partners -

Eat shit and die, breeders-out-of-season-who-cannot-change-gender.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 29 Mar 2014 05:14

Begin entry and insert date, time, and coordinates if applicable

Those breeding dwellers have stolen my ship and my expendables.

Now we're stuck inside some damned giant dweller spacecraft, headed who knows where, probably at some crawling sublight speed. I'll probably be dead of old age before we get there.

I am never going to send expendables to deal with hydrogen dwellers again!

Screw it - delete.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 22 Mar 2014 05:01

Begin-date, time, coordinates

Supplemental - Ms. Razzle has just informed me that her second seminar, "Inspection and Preparation of Cargo Holds" is ready for presentation, and that both Security Officer Khyme and EO Murb did not pass the final exam for Seminar #1 - "Cargo and You" and will have to retake the seminar.

Poor bastards. Poor, dumb bastards.

End and transmit.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 15 Mar 2014 05:21

Begin- date, time, coordinates… all that stuff.

Got XO Sorrow back. Beat him up again. Stupid breeder face. No fines for me this time. It's that breeding purple's job to keep things like the Fallon Syndicate off my back. Next time he's losing some teeth. Checking the regs for Cargo Control Officer Bandi - I'll probably go lenient this time. S' not because I'm soft, but if I hit the stupid breeding stuffed toy with both barrels first time out, what can I escalate to the NEXT time she screws up?

I have dropped the expendables off at InfoCity to do some research on our cargo. How much trouble can they get into against a bunch of monastic librarians? Aside from CCO Bandi, I mean. Mr. Sorrow put EO Murb in charge. That should be a laugh.

I'm taking the Intripid to Arsubar to sign some legal papers and litigate to get ownership of my genetic code back, along with my back pay and stock options.

Since Hasses knows we're in-system, he's likely to try something again. Need to get out of here quickly before there's more trouble. Stupid filing deadlines. Maybe I'll pick up a clerical droid.

End and transmit.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 15 Mar 2014 05:17

After some fuming, NRD-101 was examining himself in the shiny metal plate of the main reactor assembly. "I really should have gotten colors that didn't clash for spare parts," he mused. His right arm had a blue panel, his left a magenta one. His chest plate was green, while one leg was base white, the other was peach and cherry stripe pattern. "At least my head is the original mustard brown," he said looking at his image. Something about the head caught his attention, and he turned on his camera hand and examined it. As he passed it behind his head he froze. "Son of a circuit!"

There, on the part information plate was the serial number of his missing spare head. "Oh my," he said softly. "The last crew assignment may have been that much harder than I thought."

Re: Not Again! by kedamonokedamono, 14 Mar 2014 16:38
Not Again!
kedamonokedamono 08 Mar 2014 23:56
in discussion Campaign / In Character, offline » Not Again!


NRD-101 restarted and found himself in Engineering. His chest plate was open and Murb was poking her appendage into it. "Excuse me," said NRD-101, "but why am I in Engineering?"

Not Again! by kedamonokedamono, 08 Mar 2014 23:56

Begin entry and insert date, time, and coordinates

We have successfully escaped what was apparently a double ambush at the Job Satellite. INTRIPID suffered extensive, though minor exterior damage. Engineering Officer Murb is now assessing the full extent of the damage (append damage report as appropriate). The droid NRD-101 has been extensively damaged, and only the head is currently immediately salvageable.

It appears that there were two groups who attacked us - one of Saldrallans and one of Templars. The only reason we escaped relatively unscathed is because they initially spent time firing at each other rather than us.

We have received a complaint against Cargo Officer Bandi for assault on station personnel. This seems to have something to do with the Fallon Syndicate, but details are currently sketchy.

I am going to personally rip the arms off that bear if she messed things up so we can't go to the Job Tower for jobs anymore.

Executive Officer Sorrow remains missing.

We are in restricted orbit around Arsubar while Transgalaxy negotiates the cost of repairs to one of Job Tower's docking bays and resolves the lawsuit brought forward by Serpentstrike Industries against my personal on-board assets. May have to sell one or more of the expendables.

End and transmit.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 08 Mar 2014 05:57


Someone is shooting at us! There's some sort of firefight in the cargo bay! Looks like Templars and… oh scat! Hasses? Really? What in the breeding pit is it trying to do? Why is it attacking my sh… SOMEONE'S FIRING THE MAIN LASER TURRET! Don't these idiots know that we're inside a breeding pit DOCKING BAY???

They're firing at the ship! Damage reporting minor damage. Computer, open communication to Mr. Sorrow, now! What do you mean "no signal?" Keep trying!

We're taking steady damage - looks like two groups of commandos. Hasses' must be Corporate Marines. He's after my assets! Well that rotten egg isn't taking my ship! Computer, transfer main navigation to this console, activate main thrusters and lifters - straight out the docking bay doors! Seal all airlocks, go go go!

(15 seconds of recording damaged)

Cloacas and hemipenes, that's going to cost. Append damage control updates as appropriate, and keep trying Sorrow. End.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 08 Mar 2014 05:37

Oooh, I just noticed the Captain's Log section. Nice. (I can't seem to find a way to use the RSS feed to keep up properly.)

Re: Captain Aspects by AnemoneAnemone, 03 Mar 2014 03:00

Begin entry & insert date, time, and coordinates.

The expendables didn't lose the package. It was stolen by some idiots at ZIM Shipping. I would like to renew my request that TransGalaxy donate a few thousand crater bombs to ZIM Shipping's main offices. En route to Engon now to try to retrieve the package.

Also - official disciplinary action taken against myself for assault on a Transgalaxy employee. Penalty of 1,416 hours pay has been assessed. Request full review by TransGalaxy Personnel department. Append disciplinary report.

End. Transmit with all legal and privacy documentation appended. System modification set appending of legal and privacy documentation to default.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 22 Feb 2014 18:35

Begin entry & insert time, date, and coordinates.

The expendables lost the package.


End. Transmit with all legal and privacy documentation appended.

Re: CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 22 Feb 2014 18:13

Begin entry & insert time, date, and coordinates.

We're in orbit over the gas giant Naquaice for a cargo pick up insert manifest information. Expendables have been dispatched for pickup and maintenance of company satellite per insert pertinent regulations. Just waiting now for contact. Took the precaution of entering least time course back to HQ in case of TPK.

They've put a lien on my internal organs.

The absolute NERVE! Some sort of shedskin pellets about being "proprietary". Never hold up in court of course, but if they can keep the case going long enough one of them will eventually give out - I die, they win. How did things ever get so bad?

Oh, ship status is nominal or as nominal as this pellet boat can get. Managed to get the damned robot off on the mission with the rest of the expendables so there's that at least. Sorrow is his quietly efficient self. Razzle keeps poking around the cargo areas when she thinks nobody is looking - I don't trust her. Either Transgal sent her to keep an eye on me, or worse THEY sent her. I haven't been able to decide between spacing her and keeping her around and feeding her false information. But she is not who she pretends to be - I know THAT for sure.

End. Edit for pertinence and transmit with all legal and privacy documentation appended. Breeding pit, I need a drink and something to kill.

CAPTAIN'S LOG by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 22 Feb 2014 01:24
Re: Khym
kedamonokedamono 07 Feb 2014 19:47
in discussion Campaign / Characters » Khym

I can see him trying to stare down Mr. Sorrow. Now, let's see how good a warrior he is and protect the ship's robot!

Re: Khym by kedamonokedamono, 07 Feb 2014 19:47
Re: Khym
AnemoneAnemone 02 Feb 2014 22:09
in discussion Campaign / Characters » Khym

I love it!

Re: Khym by AnemoneAnemone, 02 Feb 2014 22:09
Re: Khym
SirsmegSirsmeg 01 Feb 2014 03:37
in discussion Campaign / Characters » Khym
Re: Khym by SirsmegSirsmeg, 01 Feb 2014 03:37

I can work with that. NRD-101 voluntarily overwrote its memory and wiped all its backups from 36,000 hours to the present date. There is no way in hell it can remember what happened.

//The important thing is that you have absolutely no memory of the last 36,000 hours. How you want to get there is up to you, but that information is gone and it isn't coming back.

You do remember the old crew. They were a relatively efficient, relatively happy lot. It's just that your memory of them stops about 4300 hours after they get aboard.//

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