Crew and Ship

The player characters and their ship.

SHIP: The Intripid1

Concept: Old ship, repurposed from something else
Problem: Temperamental Old Girl — Only a talented mechanic can coax her to work.
Strength: Nooks and Crannies


Concept: Bitter, Failed Saldrallan — And she takes it out on the crew.
Trouble: Messy Divorceā€¦ Really Messy! — We're not talking just two individuals here either, but a complex corporate marriage. The divorce is keeping Ken Reeg attorneys employed.
Leadership: Her Bite Is Worse Than Her Bark


Player Characters

John — NRD-101: Efficient Social Interaction Droid
Sophie — Bandi: Entrepeneurial Ursenite Cargo Officer
Paul — Khym: Ryjyllian Ronin Security Officer
Jenifer — MURB: Methodical Tatsuashan Mechanic


Mr. Sorrow — Templar executive officer.
Ms. Candy Razzle — Ken Reeg observer for the Helpful-and-Competent/Friendly-Manipulative-Appendage Insurance Corporation, aboard as part of a program by HACMA to reduce loss of insured freight and subsequent claims.

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