A small brown teddy bear wearing a battered black, oversized leather jacket; she gives off a whiff of expensive perfume and cheap booze as she moves; her fur looks delightfully soft and her left ear is pierced and sports a tiny gold ear pendant shaped like a thermal grenade.


High Concept: Entrepreneurial Urseminite Cargo Officer — Bandi is good at her job, but she considers it a mere stepping stone for the "real deal", which involves rotating special cargo for special customers at a special price. Off TransGalaxy's books, of course.

Trouble: Big %^*ing Mouth — Bandi tends to get in the wrong people's face.

Homeworld: "Lemme tell you about my homeworld, Jefferson: trees, rain, trees, mud, trees, more rain, and more trees. 'Family' values, weird religious cults, and not a decent job in sight unless you count pot-growing — and I grew up in a 'dry' village. I'm never going back."
Aspect: The Ass-End of Space — Never Looked Back

How I Joined: "The Bulldogs had to make a pit stop in our neighbourhood, and of course the Barracado Pirates showed up — they were probably coming back from raiding the pot forest of Trudyka, a few klicks north. Anyhow, I ended up getting myself a new bike and getting a nice new leather jacket with a cool pirate badge. I would have kept the helmet too, but some hair and scalp were stuck to the inside, it was a mess. Got a job offer from the Bulldogs too — apparently that captain had never met an Urseminite. Good times."
Aspect: I Still Have That Jacket

Heritage: Vicious Little Bastard and Cute As A Button

Player's Choice: I'm the Only One Who Gets to Fleece My Crew — Bandi's version of loyalty.


  • Great (+4) Deceive
  • Good (+3) Pilot, Provoke, Shoot
  • Fair (+2) Burglary, Contacts, Will
  • Average (+1) Drive, Notice, Physique, Stealth


  • Thick Fur and Fat: Urseminites are very durable for their size and shape. They gain +2 to Defend against bare-handed and most natural animal attacks and primitive weapons (fists, claws, teeth, swords — yes. Lightsabers — no).
  • Hard to Kill: Urseminites are sturdy little buggers with a great resistance to pain. Urseminites automatically gain an additional stress box. They can also take an additional mild physical consequence.
  • Universally Despised: Every species in the galaxy hates the Urseminites. The only beings who don’t despise them have never met one. Urseminites are always considered Unskilled when using Empathy or Rapport with a species other than their own. However, they gain +2 to all Provoke attempts when determining whether or not they succeed with style.
  • Always a Way Out: +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location.
  • Lies upon Lies: +2 to create a Deceive advantage against someone who has believed one of your lies already during this session.
  • If There's One Thing I Know How To Do, It's Fly A Spaceship While I'm Drunk: +2 to Piloting when inebriated.


Physical Stress

${\square \over 1} {X \over 2} {\square \over 3} {X \over 4}$

Mental Stress

${\square \over 1} {\square \over 2} {\square \over 3}$


$X$ Mild — Mild Electrical Burns
$X$ Mild (Physical) — A Li'l Jittery After That Jolt
$\square$ Moderate
$\square$ Severe


1 — Current: 2


  • Bandi typically starts by trying to bullshit (Deceive) or bargain (Contacts) her way through passive opposition.
  • If the stakes are raised and things become hostile, she gets in people's face and generally acts as a distraction to create advantage for the rest of the group using Provoke or Deceive, and count on her Physique for defense; she has Fight at 0, so if she jumps in the fray it's one of three things: distraction, desperation, or a humorous scene.
  • And when the shooting starts, she can Shoot too — usually from cover — but that's not her first recourse because you can't make a profit if you destroy the merchandise or the client.
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